Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – That Was Just A Noise

That Was Just A Noise is the final release from Manchester punk band Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, and we’re pleased to announce that they are at least going out in style, if this album is anything to go by.

By Jane Howkins

Throughout their career, the band have generally specialised in short, sharp bursts of frenetic, high-speed punk of the hardcore variety. Whilst this is still largely true of That Was Just A Noise, there are moments where the band mix things up a little, with examples of this to be found in the ska punk stylings of I Know A Cracking Owl Sanctuary, and also on some of the remixes contained towards the end of the album. These differences in style act to break up some of the repetitive action on the record, providing a breather from the more intense songs. There’s also a cover of a Bootscraper song (Past Lives of Saints) and our review copy contained a live track and a bonus song called Vuz Lightyear, so if you can get a deluxe edition on release then we highly recommend you go for that version, as 27 tracks still left us with under 45 minutes of action in total.

We’ll be honest – there isn’t much here that fans of the band haven’t already heard. However, if it ain’t broke, then why fix it, as the adage goes. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man have clearly found a niche that suits them and for the most part it works well. If you’re looking for something game changing then this may not be it, but fans of the band (and punk in general) should find something to like here, with the whole album being a good example of just how good the independent punk scene can be.

That Was Just A Noise by Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man is out on 1 May 2018. Pre-order via Bandcamp.