The Last Gang – Keep Them Counting

Keep Them Counting is the first full length released from LA threesome The Last Gang, and it certainly doesn’t sound like a first album!

By Jane Howkins

It’s clear right the beginning that The Last Gang are something a bit special, although their brand of punk doesn’t stray all to far way from the constraints of the genre.

The production is quite interesting, managing to be both raw and cleanly done at the same time, making for something rather special. It makes you wonder how their later releases will be perceived, and whether they can keep up the independent sound to their music, instead of falling to the mainstream like so many of their peers.

In terms of the music itself, it’s a bit of a cross between Ramones/Green Day style pop-punk with an added skate punk feel to things, which we certainly like. The vocals are also reminiscent of those of Brody Dalle (best known for her work with The Distillers), but we aren’t saying that just because there are female vocals at present here, and the vocals actually sound a bit softer than Dalle’s. They’re also not a band afraid to test out a few different tempo’s and things like that (as Strange Fruit demonstrates), which is also something that we like.

All in all, The Last Gang are an interesting and energetic addition to the modern punk scene, and we honestly do see good things for them in the future. Check them out now before they get too big!

Keep Them Counting by the Last Gang is out now.