Skull – Thoughts of the Others

Thoughts of the Others is the debut album release from Leeds four piece Skull, and it’s not too shabby for a first try. The album itself is set to be released through Shove It Up Your Cult Records on 13 April, but we had an early listen and liked most of what we heard!

By Jane Howkins

Skull make fantastic rock music that combines cool melodies with ferocious riffs, and in a world in which the heavier styles of music seem to be dying out, this is very much welcome. The band have slowly built up a following in the UK and it’s great to see them doing so well on Thoughts of the Others. The production is slightly rough in places (which is to be expected from a first release), but we think that’s part of what the band were going for when they recorded the record, and it does fit with the overall sound.

Skull have managed to make something unique here, with sparse moments of narration filtered into the music acting almost as little interludes in between the main action. Those wanting basic rock music or something a little more mainstream might not appreciate everything that Skull have to offer, but those looking for something different should highly enjoy Thoughts of the Others, featuring elements of the punk and indie genres as well.

We highly recommend UK rock fans check this album out, as it’s a little different from the norm. Mark our words – Skull are headed for big things in the future!

Thoughts of the Others by Skull is out on 13 April 2018.