The Lawrence Arms – We Are The Champions Of The World: The Best Of

Punk rockers The Lawrence Arms just released their version of a greatest hits album, chronicling the life and times of a great but very understated punk band. The band have been together for 19 years now, and their sound has changed somewhat over the years, with their music becoming more melodic (although they never lost their punk edge).

By Jane Howkins

There are 29 tracks included on the album, all of them hand picked by the band, with this package serving more as a selection of their favourite songs, instead of an actual greatest hits collection (we guess it’s hard for an underground band to have such a thing). That makes this even more special in a way though, as you can tell that the songs contained here are the ones that really mean something to the group, and fans are sure to love this collection.

It’s also a fairly good record to check out for newcomers to music of The Lawrence Arms, and in all honesty it’s the newer fans that will get more out of this than the stalwarts. However, there are five unreleased tracks available here, taken from the recording sessions for 2006’s Oh! Calcutta!, so there’s probably just enough to warrant current fans buy this, even if they already own the rest of the songs on the record. The liner notes of the album also contain anecdotes and tales of how each song came about, providing even more impetus for people to buy the physical copy of the album.

This is an interesting take on the discography of The Lawrence Arms, and one that has just enough added value for current fans to enjoy. And if you’re looking to get into the band, then there is no better place to start!

We Are The Champions Of The World: The Best Of by The Lawrence Arms is out now.