Discovery: Kinisi

Things are about to get weird with Atlanta, US indie electro act Kinisi.

By Graeme Smith

Kinisi’s new track Weird Mannerisms Pt. 1 is about finding someone just as weird as you to cling onto at a party, a niche topic to say the least. Yet, Kinisi makes it interesting through layers of electronic beats that ebb and flow in the most pleasant way. The track is off of Kinisi’s Kinesthetics EP which will be out on 14 May via VLSC Records.

Kinisi is the brainchild of Speros Kokenes and he reminds me a little of one of my favourite artists of late Anna Meredith in his sound and the off-beat nature of his production. This is definitely one for all us weirdos. Check out Weird Mannerisms Pt. 1 below.