We Are Scientists – Megaplex

Megaplex is a bit of a diversion for We Are Scientists. The rockers have always had something of a melodic bent to their music, with indie and pop elements crossing over into their individual form of rock music. However, on Megaplex those pop elements have become even more prominent, with the band moving even further away from their roots.

By Jane Howkins

Naturally this will isolate fans, and there has been a bit of a backlash over it. In the long run though, the band have been moving this way for quite some time, so we’re not exactly surprised by the change in direction. It may take some time to adjust to the new sound (it’s taken us quite a few listens to the new album to finally get into it), but if fans of the band allow themselves to then they should enjoy it, as there are some good tracks on here. Your Light Has Changed is one of our favourites, although it is one of the heavier songs on here, which might go some ways to explaining that.

Some of the songs may be a bit too much for traditional fans of the band, with Heart Is A Weapon introducing a lot of electronic sounds, making the track sound almost like it could be a modern dance song in the charts. Notes In A Bottle does feature quite a nice guitar solo, but that’s probably as rocky as it gets, and it’s still quite a poppy track. However, our main issue with Megaplex is that it’s not quite as exciting as it perhaps should be. Whilst many of the tracks are very nice, they don’t seem to have much more going for them, with quite a few of them blending into one. The good tracks are very good, but the others do get a little mundane at times.

It’s a shame, as this would have been a great opportunity for the band to spread their wings out into a different direction and change things up a little. They’re obviously maturing which is always a good thing in our book, but mature doesn’t have to mean boring. A worthwhile experiment overall for We Are Scientists, but one that could have been thought out a little more in practice.