Twisted Wheel – The Snakes and Ladders Tour!

From the backwaters of Oldham, Twisted Wheel roared onto the scene with bloody great big indie anthems such as You Stole The Sun, She’s a Weapon, and Lucy The Castle.

Fronted by the feral and precocious Jonny Brown, the band’s sheer energy and dirty rock’n’roll managed to get them on tours with Oasis, Kasabian, Paul Weller, The Courteeners, Happy Mondays, and Ian Brown. Now the newly reformed Oldham four-spoker (Harry Lavin, James Highton, Richard Allsopp & Jonny Brown) is back like a dirty rock’n’roll Lazarus to make up for lost time.

New album and tour Snakes and Ladders is closer to the bone than ever before. The band have grown up and Brown’s song structures and lyrics are on another level, worn in with wisdom and wit.


Twisted Wheel were the hardest working band in 2009, gaining the PRS Award for playing the most gigs of any young band at the time.  Twisted Wheel – it may have been bad, bent and broken, but it’s back!

The band will be supported by The Resonance, and Serotones. The gig itself is to be held on Saturday 19th May at Fibbers, from 7.30pm.

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