BGB: The Siknotes, Nutty Skunk, Fuck With Fire – The Fulford Arms

This is the last BGB before the four day BGB: Swinefest, and is all set to be a night of upbeat party punk to get everyone revved up for the aforementioned weekender! Featuring…

The Siknotes: These lot are coming over from Grimsby to play their first BGB. Upbeat and fast paced skate punk; welcome to the party pal!

Nutty Skunk: This lot played not too long ago and they were absolutely boss so they have been brought back. Brass driven ska punk over from Leeds, so come on down and have a boogie!

Fuck With Fire: A staple from the North Yorkshire hardcore scene, we’ve been having these guys over from Harrogate since the early days of BGB for good reason. If you haven’t heard them yet, then check them out here.

There is also one more act to be announced, which is exciting!

The show is set to start at 8:00pm on Saturday 8th June at The Fulford Arms. The entrance fee is £5.

For more information and tickets, please head to