Nosebleed, Pat Butcher, Washing Machine Repairman – The Fulford Arms

This is a special gig for anyone who cares about the three lovely humans in Nosebleed.

In recent times, the band has become a touring machine, playing shows all over the UK and Europe. They keep an immensely busy schedule that would make most bands crumble. However, the band’s beloved touring mobile died on a recent run of gigs. So those lovely folks at The Fulford Arms (Nosebleed’s official favourite venue) decided they should set up a gig, so they can get a few pennies together to go towards their new wheels.

BUT, they’re going to make them work for it! Nosebleed are going to play the hardest, fastest set you’ve ever heard them do, and there’s even talk of them playing every song in their catalogue. If you are a fan of Nosebleed (basically you just need ears for this) then you don’t want to miss this show!

In support, we have the BGB house band Pat Butcher, and the electronic fit-inducing music of Washing Machine Repairman.

No door charge, but they are going to be asking you to give very generous donations. All money collected is going directly to Nosebleed. Please give whatever you can afford!


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