UK Premiere: Modern Mood Swings – Time Will Past

We have the pleasure of introducing the new track from Hull’s Modern Mood Swings, Time Will Past, to the world in this exclusive UK premiere.

Modern Mood Swings released their explosive first single Time Will Past through Warren Records on 15 June. The single, along with b-side Forgotten Answers to Rhetorical Questions will be released on all digital platforms and limited edition CD & zine package.

Spawning out of Hull’s underground punk scene Modern Mood Swings are fixated with the lyrical analysis of modern life as their music deals with its downfalls. The band’s sound shifts between melodic and gentle to abrasive and dissonant. It’s the light and shade that make the band what it is – building tension and cathartic release.

Vocalist & Guitarist Edward Logie describes the single:

Time Will Past is a fresh take on a break up song, a he-said she-said scenario. Instead of siding with the usual perspective, the single tries to understand the flaws in both characters and understand that people can be complex as sometimes shit just happens.

He goes on to talk about the b-side

With Forgotten Answers to Rhetorical Questions, the title describes those epiphanies you have that slide straight into the background of your mind. The lyrics explore how high expectations lead to disappointment, and how you can’t plan the way your life pans out.


Time Will Past is out now.