Avenging Force, Sherbert Flies, Mooselaw – The Fulford Arms

This show was going to be a goodbye show for one of York’s most talented inhabitants, but they are now not leaving York until September, so it’s just going to be a wonderfully fun gig – as always!

Zero online presence. Nada. Not a single bean. The band that is so secretive, it would win every game of Cluedo it was ever involved in. If you’ve seen them before, come see them again. If you haven’t seen them before, come and dip your toes into some new noisy music. Elliot from Sherbet Flies booked these guys personally – that’s all you need to know.

A big, loud angry band – think Superchunk crossed with Fugazi and Sleater-Kinney. All the members are leaving York soon so this is kind of a farewell show (we swear it’s for real this time!). Shows often end with bloodied guitars and years worth of noise, borrowing from the Red Krayola with their own “Free Form Freak-Out”s.

This band is York’s angriest band at the moment. Mooselaw are a heavily infected tattoo of a band full of blood, pus, heat, and pain. Their sound is ginormous and full of sonic assaults, colliding with your brain in a frenzied wall of death. Come and let this band terrify you.

Tickets are £4 on the door and the gig starts at 8pm on Tuesday 3rd July.

For more information and tickets head to www.thefulfordarms.com