And So I Watch You From Afar – ArcTanGent Festival

In honour of the annual ArcTanGent Festival, we sat down with a selection of bands playing in order to grill them about the festival, and much, much more.

Our next chat was with Chris Wee of And So I Watch You From Afar!

The annual ArcTanGent Festival is coming up this August; are you guys excited for it? Have you ever been before, either playing or as a punter?

Yes, we’ve played a number of times over the years, it has become a real home from home for us. ArcTanGent have managed to cultivate a truly unique presence as a festival with all the weird and wonderful bands they get each year, and we love being a part of it.

What are your thoughts on the line up this year? Is there anyone you’re particularly wanting to see or meet? And who would you recommend our readers look out for?

Yet again, it’s another brilliant and varied line up. We’re playing the Thursday so we’re really hoping to be able to stick around for the whole weekend. Looking forward to seeing Shellac, Pelican and Giraffes? Giraffes! whom we’ve been listening to for years. Foxing, Polymath and Mouse on the Keys will be great too. Don’t miss them!

What is ArcTanGent like compared to other festivals? It seems to be relatively small – do you prefer playing smaller festivals or bigger ones? And which are your favourite festivals – both to play and as a visitor?

Over the years we’ve played all sizes of festivals, and whilst ArcTanGent would be smaller than the bigger ones we’ve played, it has been able to grow over the years, keep putting on amazing line ups and vendors, retaining a real personality and not getting consumed by large sponsors dictating any aspects of the festival’s image. ArcTanGent is definitely one of our favourites, alongside Dour festival in Belgium. Reading and Leeds are always fun to play as well.

How do you find playing a festival differs to a normal show, and which do you prefer?

Festivals tend to be a lot more rough and ready in terms of the setup – there’s much less time to check everything, but because everyone is in the same boat there’s usually a great buzz amongst all the bands. In terms of the crowd, at a normal show you’re basically playing to a room full of your own fans, whereas with a festival you’re going to be playing to some people who might never have heard your music so there’s almost an added incentive to impress at festivals to try and win over new fans.

Are you embarking on a tour as well as playing the festival? If so, where else are you playing and when?

ArcTanGent will be the last festival of the summer season for us. Between now and then we’ll be doing a mix of UK club shows and some European and domestic festivals that we can’t wait for. Then we’re hoping to lock down some pretty cool touring in the Autumn so keep an eye out for announcements. Summer dates are as follows:

Do you have any new music set for release soon? If so, what can you tell us about that?

We’re always in the process of writing and recording new music, and since the release of The Endless Shimmering we’ve been working on some new stuff, but how and when we release this music has yet to be decided.

What would you say to people to recommend them to come and see you perform at ArcTanGent?

This year is a little different from past years at ArcTanGent as we’ll be performing The Endless Shimmering in full then finishing with some older and more familiar songs. We haven’t done a full album performance for a number of years so it’ll be a good challenge for us getting the set ready. ArcTanGent crowds are some of the most passionate and vocal that we’ve ever played in front of as well!

Any last words for your fans?

Thank you for your continuing support. You’re the reason we keep doing what we’re doing and we’re massively grateful to you all for that.