Like Pacific – In Spite Of Me

Canadian punk/rock band Like Pacific will make their hotly-anticipated return this summer with the release of the band’s second full-length album, In Spite Of Me, which comes out 27th July via Pure Noise Records. The album sees the band releasing their best collection of songs yet, showing an up-and-coming punk band that may have what it takes to conquer the punk scene in the near future.

Whilst they’ve been described as a straight up punk band in the past, we would say there’s more than a little bit of pop-punk about them, with the band straddling the border of the two related genres. Somehow Like Pacific have managed to pull the best parts of the pop and punk worlds together, making something that is both catchy and hard at times. For the most part, we like it – other pop-punk bands take note!

The lyrics occasionally leave something to be desired, with cheese often being the name of the game here. A lot of the tracks are the typical pop-punk love songs, and more tracks away from that topic would have been nice if we’re being truly honest, but there’s always room for the band to grow and mature on their next album. Musically at least, In Spite Of Me is an improvement from last album Distant Like You Asked, and there is a lot of promise here for these Canadian boys. At times things can get a little generic, but more listens are needed, so don’t judge this book by its cover!

In Spite Of Me is a good record, and manages to improve greatly upon Like Pacific’s previous work. However, there are some things that need to be changed up for the next release, and a little bit more maturity would be good. Otherwise, they’re on the right track!