Behind the White Door #105

After the re-scheduled football hell evening, we are back with the official show number 105. This will be a noisy one, so bring yer plugs!

They are soooo back man! More back than back bacon! These sportswear-loving rock hard jocks are going to pulverise your brain cells! Precise and brutal guitar work, drum thwacking like a slap from a hockey puck, topped off with a roaring lion on vocals! I am not making this up! York’s most intense, messed up band are dusting off the cobwebs, and are out for your blood!

Behind The White Door favourites! These guys are making one heck of a stamp on the northern gig scenes. If you like massive tree-trunk riffs played with mania, this band is for you. The musical equivalent of a pissed off, fuzzy grizzly bear. Have you seen that film with Lennard Di Crappero where he gets all smashed up by that bear? Well, think of how much that must have hurt, times it by one hundred and then inject that into your brain stem. And that’s Dense.

Back for another pop. Untrained healthcare professionals. We’ve had this loopy band on a few times now. Never has a three-piece sounded this well put together. It’s like Ravishing Rick Rude’s body in musical format. Mean, lean stringed instruments and dynamic destructive drumming. Singing? Try HOWLING mate. That’s more appropriate. Howling at the moon, just before you turn into a werewolf and slaughter a whole village of medieval townsfolk. Oh the tears.

Sam Forrest. Famous. Yes mate. He’s been on a video game and everything. The brains behind Nine Black Alps in his current main focus. With an added Federal, and a drummer who is more than capable of knocking out a decent beat! It’s got that mucky grunge edge that you’d expect. It’s got the wild fuzzbox rampages that you’d expect. But the songs are like supermarket trolley wheels. They’ve got absolute minds of their own. Come down early to see Sam and his Dannies kick things off in style.

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