Youth Killed It – Interview

We had a chat with British rockers Youth Killed It recently to see how their new album was getting on. Set to be released in October, we also chatted to the band about a multitude of other things, including their singles, tour dates, and musical influences.

By Jane Howkins

Your new album, What’s So Great, Britain?, is set to be released in October. Are you excited about this? What can you tell us about the album?

We couldn’t be more excited, it’s been the best experience writing and releasing the singles so I’m sure the album release will live up to the hype. The album itself is a personal view of the social commentary of Great Britain, the people, and the politics in this nation.

Why did you decide on that title for the album? It’s quite an intriguing one!

The title just sums up how we feel right – we love Britain, but at times you gotta ask yourself, is this really as great as it can be? All the negativity and hate going on right now, it’s not right. We just want everyone to get along, stop preaching hate and drink Milky tea.

This is your sophomore album. How have things changed since you started out, and how was the recording process different this time around? Have you learned a lot since then?

This time we recorded everything you hear. No producers, nothing. It’s all us, done at our own studio. We’ve grown up a lot and wanted to try something a bit more challenging than our usual rock format and recording everything ourselves allowed us to do just that.

You’re releasing the album with Rude Records. What are they like to work with, and do you think they have helped you grow as artists?

They are just the best team, they really believe in the band and how we like to do things. They are great to be around but always complete on it when they need to be.

You recently released a new track titled Headbutt. What can you tell us about that?

Headbutt is a look at the Toxic masculinity idiots you get around from time to time. Most of the time you just avoid them altogether but sometimes you gotta just Headbutt em and get outta there.

Do you have any more plans for any other single releases before the album comes out, or is that it for now? If so, what can you tell us about those tracks?

We’ve already released four: Where Did I Go Wrong?,  What’s So Great, Britain?, Great British Summer, and finally, our current release Headbutt (check them out on Spotify) and we’ve got some more stuff up our sleeves for the last few months running up to the release but that’s all we are saying, you’ll have to follow us to find out.

You originally started out life as a nu-metal band. Why did you decide to change your sound? Is nu-metal something that you’re still influenced by?

We didn’t actually change the sound per-say. We actually completely split, then a few months later Jack wrote some new tracks in this style and we loved them, so we formed YKI. I think after being a “nu-metal” band for so many years we had grown out it and Jack particularly had always had a massive soft spot for Indie / Brit Rock.

What/who would you say has most influenced you as artists, and what have you been listening to recently?

Just tons of up and coming UK bands: The LaFontaine, No Hot Ashes, Wonk Unit, Calva Louise… so many to mention! Also a lot of classic stuff, I meanToto’s Africa is never only played once in the van.

Do you have any tour dates coming up? If so, where and when are you playing?

Yep, we have a headline tour for the Album release in October!

Oct 6th – Manchester / Aatma

Oct 7th – Norwich / Epic

Oct 9th – Birmingham / Subside

Oct 10th – Bristol / Hy-Brasil Music Club

Oct 11th – Sheffield / Cafe Totem Supporting Sisterray

Oct 12th – London / Notting Hill Arts Club

Why do you think people should come and see you perform, and what can people expect from one of your gigs?

Our shows are all about just having a great night – so we’ll have a drink with you, party with you, cry with you, and in most cases play a song or two.