WSTR – Identity Crisis

The title of WSTR’s new album Identity Crisis is a little misleading. The band have been honing their sound over the past couple of years, and on their new record they have finally shown themselves to be the band they always promised to be, with no sign of an identity crisis present here.

By Jane Howkins

One of the criticisms we had when we reviewed their earlier EPs was that the band followed the all too familiar trope that many modern pop-punk bands fall upon – namely the one where they’re not actually that poppy at all. Far too many pop-punk bands nowadays seem to have disposed of the melody from their sound, instead focusing on genericisms, which seems slightly at odds with what the genre is supposed to be.

Thankfully, WTSR have shed this sound, with Identity Crisis showing them to be a band utterly deserving of being contained within the pop-punk genre. Pretty much every song on the album is catchy, and you’ll struggle to stop listening – it’s that addictive. We’re reminded of many beloved classic pop-punk bands in these songs, which to us is a very high accolade.

There will always be people that complain that these sort of band’s are too poppy, but pop-punk in general probably isn’t for them. It does sound a little too clean and overproduced at times, but Identity Crisis is the opposite of what its title describes, showing a band finally at ease with their own sound.