Darwin Deez – 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With Your Stupid Heart

Darwin Deez’s latest release 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With Your Stupid Heart may have a rather bloated title, but does the album itself follow suit? For the most part no, as although it does get a little pretentious at times, it never really feels massively overdone or stretched out, with careful consideration taken by Deez to keep everything relevant.

By Jane Howkins

Deez’s latest album is a bit of a return to for him, after a couple of shaky releases. Deez has always managed to toe the line between being serious and hilarious rather well, with black comedy and satire often being the name of the game with him. Here, Deez only improves upon his comedy stylings, with a biting wit accompanying his new indie rock tunes. There are times when his lyrics stray into what seems like narcissism and pretentiousness, but we’re assuming that this is part of his own unique style and comedy, instead of anything real.

There’s also a sense of the melancholy present alongside the humour. The first few listens may entice you in, but listen to the album again and more and more layers become apparent, with different lyrical concepts and topics coming to light further down the road. Musically, Deez manages to mix a variety of different styles under the indie canon, with moments of pop, funk and even dance music to be heard on these tracks. Most of the time this works, although at times it does tend to come across as a little bloated. That’s our main gripe with this album – it has a lot of high notes, but it does tend to sound a little overdone and (dare we say it) boring at times – although it’s still one of the best things Deez has produced.

If you’re a fan of Deez then you will like this, as it’s one of the better albums he’s released. Just don’t be put off at first by some of the lyrical stylings and make sure to spin the album a few times over, or you might find yourself missing out!