Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic EP

Pink Magic is the new EP release from rockers Fizzy Blood, set to be released in the middle of September. We managed to grab a copy fairly early, and had lots of praise for the band, who have clearly proved themselves to be sure up and comers in the modern rock genre with this new release.

By Jane Howkins

It’s a rock record through and through, with heavy drums beats and minimalist riffs combining together to make something fantastic. The tracks here are generally very catchy, but they’re still rocky enough to appeal to fans of the harder music styles, and the lead single from the EP, CFO, will definitely get your toes tapping.

What’s interesting about Fizzy Blood is that they manage to mix a variety of different styles from the most popular modern rock bands together, all the while sounding individual. Their music is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, Muse, and Deaf Havana at times, and we can tell there’s a heavier aspect to their sound just waiting to emerge. They’ve got a talent for producing the type of riffs that seep in and get stuck under your skin, and Pink Magic is simply full of those addictive moments.

Fizzy Blood are a band that have been pretty much a staple of most of the major festivals across the UK over the last couple of years, and it certainly seems as though they have world domination on their minds. Pink Magic is a fantastic early release for such a band, and we’re very much looking forward to a full length album in the future!