The Calls – The Night The World Stood Still

The Night The World Stood Still is the latest mini album to be released from Leeds indie band The Calls, with the EP hopefully serving to extend their presence into the musical world over the next year or so.

By Jane Howkins

When we first discovered The Calls a couple of years ago, they were making indie rock a la 2000s indie rock, with the music not dissimilar from that produced by those bands pigeonhold at one point into the ‘landfill indie’ scene. Whilst elements of that style are still very much present here, they’ve managed to change their sound up quite drastically, with a much broader choice of styles being present within their music now.

The tracks on this EP are more 1980s indie than 2000s indie, with many of the tracks following jangly guitar lines that are reminiscent of those that Johnny Marr produced with The Smiths. Post-punk and disco elements are also present here, and it’s also fairly obvious that the band have been listening to a lot of music from the 60s and 70s – we could certainly see them evolving even more in the future and going down the psychedelic route! All in all, it’s a massive improvement to a sound that wasn’t bad, but just sounded a little stale. They sound fresher and more energised, and there’s a lot less of the generic about the band now.

The Calls have managed to do something quite impressive here – they’ve proved that a leapard can change its spots, by altering their sound enough to make it this distinctive. Whilst they’ve admittedly done this by borrowing from other styles that isn’t a problem, as this mass amalgamation has evolved their sound and created something almost new. If they can keep doing this throughout their career, then it will be a very lengthy one indeed!