Chilly Gonzales – Solo Piano III

This album is an exceptional treat for those who like their piano music to be entertaining and not ephemeral like the ever popular Einaudi. Starting with the French feeling Treppen, it starts us on a journey of escapism not unlike Anouar Brahem but with a little more urgency.

By Martin Frank

These tracks build and have stories of their own that are each a little different and all so very interesting. This isn’t an album to put on in the background like so many other piano albums, this is an album to be enjoyed. The journey continues into the noir, filled with the energy and excitement of an old black and white movie before changing again. Famous Hungarians is haunting and spooky but still tends towards sounding like old, old movies. There are tracks here that take you into a seedy, very exclusive club somewhere where there are glasses chinking, a murmur of conversation and an old-fashioned cloud of smoke billowing around the room. Be Natural starts us on another journey back to the silent movies – here we find ourselves drawing pictures in our minds to match the emotion and pathos within this run of tracks.

They are exquisite, and manage to be truly magical in transporting you to a time when the best music in the theatre was silent, Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino and Mack and Mabel, are all conjured up here with sweet romance and fluttering eyelids.
Blizzard in B Flat Minor is for me a stand out track, again it takes me to the movies but it’s darker and more sinister, while October 3rd is subtly gentle like autumn leaves falling after a shower.

Solo Piano III – this is one to keep, an album to play again and again and to find new treasures within with on each listen.