Fully Local #2 – The Fulford Arms

Here we go again! 3 more local bands looking to strut their stuff on the stage, on this night that is dedicated to supporting local bands.

From the deepest, darkest corners of York Uni comes Kraken! An absolute riffing monster of a band, they are sure to get any fans of metal, or even just fans of good music, banging their heads and stomping their feet! Come and witness this impressive act flex it’s gigantic heavy metal muscles.

Metalcore. Some think it’s a lost genre. But it’s making a comeback. I’ve seen a lot of Slipknot t-shirts on my travels recently, which is a band that you don’t really hear about anymore. But the genre is coming back. Spearheading it in York, we have Give In. This will be their first outing on the Fulford Arms stage. Expect dynamic hard-hitting sledgehammer guitars and gutteral vocals. Metalcore is back.

Can we say Borderline is becoming a bit of a York legend band? I think we can. The boys live in Leeds now, but this band is York through and through. It was born in the city, and will probably die in it too. Come down early for anthemic electro tunes in the style of Enter Shikari.

£3 on the door ( A QUID PER BAND!)
8pm Start, Monday 24th September.

For more info head to www.thefulfordarms.com