Hands Off Gretal – The Fulford Arms

Hands Off Gretel

“Energy, chaos, nihilism and debauchery abound, a trip with Hands Off Gretel will leave you spent. A beautifully polished ballet of chaos, costume and drama presenting lyrics that echoes the angst and vulnerability of growing up in 21st century Britain.” – Northern Exposure.

PollyPikPocketz will also be playing, as will Feather Trade.
It’s not often that a band gets recommended to you by members of The March Violets

All the way from Athens, Georgi,a USA – A sound project with visual concentration and collaboration. Dark and beautiful atmosphere by guitars float over the unforgiving landscape of bass and percussion. Vocals provide the human reactionary element to the surroundings and situation. Heightened dynamics in sound. Intense emotion. Lyrical imagery of terror and beauty. Self preservation. This is not a rock and roll band.

Breakups with geography. Horses dying at sea. Knives in religious ceremony. Storms inside a person.

For more info head to www.thefulfordarms.com