Stand Atlantic – Interview

Pop-punkers Stand Atlantic are about to release their debut album, as well as embarking on a UK tour soon. We had a chat with them to find out how things are going, and we can definitely say that things are going well for them at this moment in time!

By Jane Howkins

You recently signed to Hopeless Records. How has that been? Have they been good to you?

It’s been great thanks! We love working with such a passionate team and everyone at Hopeless has just been so supportive and we feel very much at home here.

You’re about to release your debut album, titled Skinny Dipping. What can you tell us about that? Is skinny dipping something you enjoy doing haha?

We can’t say we’ve properly gone skinny dipping for a long time to be honest haha! But as far as the title of our album – the concept of it is that it’s kind of a commentary on the dichotomy of the feeling of being so vulnerable and then finding freedom within it. So, skinny dipping is something you do for fun right? It can be such a liberating feeling running into an ocean or lake or whatever completely naked – but being naked in the open can be scary and leave you feeling vulnerable. So that’s the jist of the title and album concept as a whole and what the songs are about. Just coming to terms with yourself and laying everything out on the line in order to feel some sense of freedom.

Your most recent single from the album was called Lavender Bones. What can you tell us about that? It had quite an intriguing title, what is that a reference to?

That song was actually the last one we wrote for the album. Its about compensating your own feelings to protect someone else, putting yourself second basically. The line ‘lavender bones’ is a reference to the other lines in the verses about being bruised on the inside.

That’s the first single from the album – do you have any more lined up? What can we expect from them?

Yeah we’ll definitely have more music before the album drops but thats all we can say at the moment!

Your last EP came out last year, and was titled Sidewinder. How different was recording a full album, and how do you think your songwriting has changed since then?

Well, we’re sure most bands would say that the recording process is a lot longer with an album compared to an EP but in our case we recorded the whole album in 4 weeks which is super short! Our songwriting for the album definitely came a long way in the sense of experimenting and being able to try cool new things and we honestly just pushed ourselves on every level more than we have before. All we ever want to do with our music is write good songs so we will always push ourselves to create the best ones we can.

You’ve toured with a lot of really successful bands, including New Found Glory, State Champs, and Neck Deep. How was that, and how did that happen? Are you fans of those bands?

Definitely fans of all those bands so touring with them has been unbelievable. Kinda have to pinch ourselves sometimes. All those bands are so great at what they do and we feel so grateful to be able to learn from them every night.

Is pop-punk something that has heavily influenced you over the years? What other influences do you have, and what have you been listening to recently?

We all listen to pop punk yeah, but it’s definitely not the only thing we get inspired by. A lot of our songwriting is influenced by pop music but we also listen to heavier bands, low fi/grungey artists as well as indie – just everything.

You’re going on a UK tour in October, with the nearest date to us being at Leeds 02 Academy on October 30th. Are you excited for the tour?

Yeah! We absolutely love coming to the UK – it’s probably our favourite place to play. Feels like  home away from home.

Why do you think people should come and see you live, and what can they expect from a Stand Atlantic gig?

Some awkward banter, fingerpointing and apparently a rowboat in the pit? It has happened before, we swear!

Any last words for the fans?

Thank you all for listening and doing everything you do because you’ve changed our lives.