Metric – Art of Doubt

Canadian indie rockers Metric have just released their latest album Art of Doubt, and we have no doubt that fans will be clamouring to find out just how the album ranks against their rich back catalogue. They’ve taken more of an electronic route in recent years which hasn’t always been received all that well, but on their latest release the band seem to have gone back to their rock roots a little – although the electro elements are still there.

By Jane Howkins

They’ve never been the sort of band to simply stand still or follow a trend, and whilst their endeavours haven’t always gone as they might have liked, there’s something very appreciable about the path that Metric have carved out in the musical world. On Art of Doubt the band have managed to include all their influences in one remarkable package, with elements of punk, indie, electronica, pop and rock present here. Most of the tracks follow a particular path, but then again most of them also seem to feature a number of different genre stylings within them, showing a band with an aim to lead instead of follow.

Metric sound fresh and rejuvenated, and their melodies have never been better. It’s not the sort of album that has a lot of songs that will immediately pull you in, but that makes it all the greater. Repeated listens are extremely rewarding, and even after a couple of listens it is obvious that they’ve made something truly great here. It’s also one of the most cohesive records they’ve ever made, with songs seguing into each other in rapid succession, and it really does work as a whole.

If you’re a lapsed Metric fan, turned off by some of their more recent decisions then Art of Doubt should be a return to form for you. And if you’re a newer fan or someone who has kept up with their later career path then this should also be of good use to you, as here the band have finally managed to balance out all the different elements that make up their sound,, and for that we’re eternally grateful.