HAARM – Interview

We had the opportunity to catch Liverpool band HAARM for an impromptu chat recently, and found out some interesting news about the band! They’re gaining a lot of traction in the musical world at the moment, so check our interview out here!

By Jane Howkins

You’ve just announced a new EP, titled Better Friend. What can you tell us about that, and why did you choose that title?

Better Friend is the title of the first song on the EP. It’s definitely the most poignant track on there, so it made sense to go with that.

We hear that a couple of the tracks are about the loss of friends, which must be a hard topic to write about. Do you find it cathartic to write about such things?

Yeah absolutely, it is cathartic. The stuff that went on involved the three of us, so to write about it together really felt good and it was a bit therapeutic. It brought us together in a way that not much else can do. I find it slightly hard to listen to the first two tracks on the EP as lyrically it’s very literal, so it’s almost like reading a journal we kept during that time.

I Believe It Now was actually written as the theme music for this season’s Premier League Campaign on BT Sport. How did that come about, and how was the overall process? Is it something you would do again?

We were approached by BT Sport to see if we’d be interested in submitting a version of that song for the new season and we’re all pretty big into football, so it was pretty exciting to be considered. A few other bands were asked too all of whom were a great deal bigger in profile than us so we really didn’t expect them to use our song, but when we sent it over they loved it and decided to use it – so of course we were all totally shocked and madly excited. We all piled round to mine on the Saturday of the first game to watch and hear it and it was very surreal. It still is now if we’re in a pub on a Saturday afternoon and it comes on.

The release was rather random, with the full EP being available to the public on the date you announced it – why did you decide to do it that way, and was it successful?

We didn’t really see t like that as that to be honest. I know the conventional way is to build up anticipation and then release the record, but we just thought, “What’s the point, let’s just get it out there and continue to tell people about it for the next 6 months.” It’s not like we were going to build a huge buzz so big that it fired us to number one around the world, we just wanted people to be able to hear it as soon as possible.

We had 10,000 plays on Spotify in the first couple of weeks just from word of mouth, which doesn’t sound like a great deal, but those are organic plays, from people who have listened to it and not just on a playlist that’s on in the background somewhere.

Do you have any singles planned for release from the EP?

I think we’ll just push the EP as a whole for a while. We’re working with a very talented visual artist called Sam Wiehl who has been working a lot with Hookworms and The Coral recently on their live show, we’re making a video with him and our live show will then be based on the video, so we’re really excited about that.

Valentine was a track you released as a single quite a while ago, but it brought a lot of traction your way. How did that feel, and were you happy with the reception received?

Yeah it did go down really well. It took us a little by surprise actually, as that was one of the first tracks we recorded and we only kind of put it out as a stop-gap track. We hadn’t released anything for a little while, but then it got played on a few TV shows and picked up a bit of traction.

Do you have any plans for a full length album in the near future? If so, what can you tell us about that?

We’ve just signed a deal to record our first album so a big, fat YES to that. We’re going to spend the next 4 months or so writing it and then we’ll go into the recording studio to make the record. Hoping it will be out at the end of spring 2019.

Do you have any UK tour dates coming up at all?

We have 2 dates supporting Ladytron on November 3rd in Liverpool (02 Academy) and on the 4th November in London at The Roundhouse. After that we’ll be headlining a date in London on the 20th November and then we’ll be looking to do a really big Liverpool date which we’re working on at the moment.

Why do you think people should pick this EP up or see you live, and what can people expect from a HAARM gig?

Come and see us if you’re into going to gigs that attempt to take the audience to another place. Not literally, but there are lots of analogue synths , a lot of heavy lyrics, huge drums, huge bass, and it’s serious music played by people who find it hard to take themselves too seriously.

Any last words for the fans?

All we ask is that you come down to our shows, come and say hi, communicate with us, and tell your friends about us – let’s start a beautiful friendship together!