Discovery: Myles Cameron

21-year-old singer-songwriter and Yale University student Myles Cameron tells a story of the changing face of America.

By Graeme Smith

What stood out most about Myles’s new single Picket Fences was the subject matter. Ostensibly about being black in America, it discarded the old clichés propagated by gangster rap and commercial RnB to dig deeper. It tells the story of being successful and middle-classed but still standing out.

In addition to the depth of the song writing, Picket Fences is also musically intriguing. It plays with percussion and tempo with a beat that provokes thought rather than something to which you’d simply, mindlessly dance.

Myles Cameron has done something that’s very difficult in today’s music. He sounds entirely new. See what I mean by checking out Picket Fences below.