Francesco Fonte Band – Eight

This London based band who formed in 2011 have just released their third album for our enjoyment, and with eight tracks it’s no surprise where they got the name of the album from. We had no idea what to expect from this, and were pleasantly surprised.

By Martin Frank

Necropolis Eye starts our exploration of this album and slams us instantly into a destructive, heavy, wall of glorious sound before lead singer Francesco Fonte rumbles into action, sounding not unlike Pete Murphy from Bauhaus before turning his deep resonant singing into a powerful yet wonderful screaming hell. This is great, full blown dramatic and epic music, with Francesco crying out over the heavy bass drum beat that takes us to a world of twisted, darkness somewhere from a distant youth. One song in and we’re hooked. Sun shines through next with a crazy haunting guitar rift that repeats and repeats as we’re treated to another magical song so perfectly constructed. Francesco sings, his voice smooth as a panther and filled with warm menace as he dominates the song in a post goth way, and you just know that live he’ll be mesmerising to watch.

It’s been years since we’ve enjoyed this kind of music, and we never want it to stop. We are desperate to rocking along to the music and bang our heads – this is no guilty pleasure but the purest of enjoyments. There are hints of The Cure, Pink Floyd, and Nine Inch Nails but they’re only the slightest flavourings because the Francesco Fonte Band have their own sound. Dancer of Love is a real sixties hybrid, a modern mix of the old and the new becoming very quickly a familiar song – one listen and you’ll be sure that you’ve heard it before somewhere on an old vinyl album at the back of your record collection. It cries out like the great gig in the sky, from Dark Side of the Moon and like all of those great seventies tracks, it is in no rush to be over in three minutes.

The Francesco Fonte Band have ignored the need to make singles to fill an album with cute little three- minute songs, but have instead created here a masterpiece of fabulous unrushed tracks that each give you the time to indulge yourself in their enormous skill and attitude. They have created eight unique songs, eight very different songs and most are well over five minutes, each grown and developed in their own way. This album is a moment in time, it’s the here and now made perfect in sound. Try the Francesco Fonte Band in your car, on vinyl, through your earphones; anywhere and everywhere but wherever you do listen to them – play them LOUD!