Pink Diamond Revue, Part Time Miserables, Polevaulter – The Fulford Arms

Here we have a night of dark music from the deep London underbelly, along with some local hooligans.

PINK DIAMOND REVUE are from the London underground scene and play ravishingly dark postpunk that has been spliced with sludgy rock and roll. It’s a real experiment of a band, that is sure to get into your brain like a serious infection. Come along to see these guys at your own risk. You won’t be able to comprehend that you are stood in The Fulford Arms. We’ll all be transported to another dimension.

Making massive waves on the UK scene, we welcome back PART TIME MISERABLES to The Fulford Arms. These guys are notorious venue-fillers and have just had an excellent feature in Fred Perry Subculture. They are an unusual band, opting for no bass player, but they fill out the sound nicely with some super-fuzzed guitar work. Dynamic moments are the key to this band, and they have plenty of them to go around.

Making their Fulford Arms debut, we welcome POLEVAULTER. These noise-merchants are explosive on the ears and have darkness in their hearts. Driving, trashed guitar noises mix with powerhouse drumming, to make an atmospheric and vast sound. This is then topped off with a gnarled, intense vocal, like a double espresso injected directly into your veins with a blunt needle.

Opening up the event, it’s none other than York’s own WASHING MACHINE REPAIRMAN. The pioneer and brains behind Young Thugs always gives an enthralling performance of brainbusting proportions. Overdriven electric sounds and bass drum donks, collide with squarky guitars and epileptic vocals. You won’t get a second to rest in this amphetamine assault of a set.

£6 OTD
8pm start, Thursday 8th November.