Behind the White Door #107 – The Fulford Arms

Set your phasers to fun! York’s shoddiest regular gig brings you gig number 107!

All the way from sunny sunny Malta! Let’s show these lasses how shit our weather is here! We’re hoping for snow! But whilst all that weather nonsense goes on, let’s give ’em a reet good Yorkshire trash gig yeah? Alright then. These two ladies play fuzzed-up garage rock splurge and we’re really looking forward to having them at our “famous” event.

Some lad called Olly sent me a message asking about gigs n’that. Said he was in a band with this hot lad from Glass Traps. That was enough for us. Get on the gig Pavillion. Come and see how we do things at Behind The White Door. Perfect lineup for yers this is. Who knows what they’ll sound like. We can find out together. New bands, give ’em a go. They best not do covers or we’ll set Shezzer on them…

You must have seen this band before. If not, do you actually like live music? Chuck yerself off a cliff head first. Best place if you don’t like live music. This band is like sucking on the end of a shotgun. Blow yer bits off garage punk. They will make you lose yer marbles. And yer shit. They love aliens. Maybe they are aliens? It would explain why they are so fucking weird.

Legend alert! These giant killers are weenie back and hungry fer it mate. Hungry horraces. Not hippos though. Them’s bad creatures. Sneaking up on boats and all that wi’ their big gobs. They’ve got all sorts of squizz up their sleeves have Percy. Jason on them pots and pans. Andy on THAT BASS. Colin does his guitar and his yelps. They’ve even got Paula on the friggin keys now mate! Expect music about northern shitness and wi’ a twang in it’s tail. Come get a slice of dis warm pie.

8pm, Wednesday 14th November.