Drug Church – Cheer

Drug Church recently released their third album Cheer and it’s an absolute blinder of an album – we simply can’t stop listening to it! Most of the tracks are short, sharp bursts of punk energy, designed to be listened to all at once, meaning that it won’t take long for you to listen to this and decide whether you like it or not.

By Jane Howkins

The band perform punk music of the more hardcore variety, with gruff screams and heavy guitars being the name of the game here. Fans of more modern varieties of punk or cleaner music may be put off by this, as while there are moments of clarity present on the album, they are few and far between. This is a punk that have taken a lot of their inspiration from the hardcore bands of the 80s and 90s, and it shows. It’s impressive to hear a hardcore band actually performing hardcore music, instead of this new metalcore stuff that has been branded as hardcore in recent years.

What’s quite interesting about Cheer as a whole is that there are softer moments – it’s not all about the intensive assault on the ears that hardcore punk usually is. We’re actually reminded at times of the grunge movement, and of bands like Brand New and The Menzingers – mixed of course with that harder sound. It’s an interesting path for the band and one that we have enjoyed very much here – perhaps they could be a good gateway band for people that aren’t usually into this style of music. It is this mix of styles that make them such a delectable concept to us, and the melodic moments shine through just as much as the harsher ones.

This is a startingly fresh sounding and concise record from a music scene that can sometimes sound stale, and Drug Church have done well here, managing to create something that is both melodic and harsh in equal effect. These guys are fantastic, and if you’re into punk music of any kind then you should get something out of these guys!