Incisions – Incisions

Incisions are a punk band from Manchester, with their music being more of the hardcore variety than anything else. This is their debut album, and it’s a frenetic burst of hardcore vigour, with angry lyrics showing the passion within the band.

By Jane Howkins

Each of the 12 tracks is short and sweet, and the production style is phenomenally good for such a new band in the punk scene. It sounds just as crisp as it should do without being too clean, with the hardcore screams and buzzsaw guitar riffs sounding perfectly clear. This is the sound of young, working class anger, with the lyrics telling of the source of their frustrations. This is punk how it should be – political and angry in nature, all vim and vigour.

Musically it’s pretty darn great too. Let’s be honest – hardcore punk is never going to reinvent the wheel, but then it doesn’t really need to. You know what you’re getting with this genre, and people would complain if it were any different. Fast riffs, harsh vocals with a political element, and short songs are the ploys of the genre, and that’s what you can expect with this. If you’re not into this style of music you probably won’t like it, but if you are, then you probably will.

We reckon these guys are going far, with big things surely on the horizon for them. If you’re even vaguely interested in this style of punk then grab a copy and make sure you see them live as well – from listening to this we can only imagine how awesome Incisions must be when performing on stage!