Why Everyone Left – This Is Not A Test

This Is Not A Test is the latest EP to be released by Why Everyone Left, a pop-punk band from Italy. It’s typical pop-punk fare and doesn’t do much to shake the genre up, but then again you could say that about the genre as a whole anyway.

By Jane Howkins

Their sound mixes together elements of classic and modern pop-punk together, although we have to say it’s more aligned with the newer strain of the genre. Fans of this type of music will enjoy this, and the bouncy, upbeat feel would have been perfect for a summer release – it’s a bit of a shame they decided to release it in November instead. Pick You Up is a good example of this, with the vocals and hooks sounding modern, alongside an instrumental guitar riff that would fit in well on a Blink 182 track.

Our main gripe is that it falls into the ironic pitfall that a lot of pop-punk bands seem to have fallen into recently – that is, the tracks aren’t actually as catchy as they might appear. They tend to sound pretty samey and there aren’t really many new ideas in here. The EP as a whole sort of sounds like a band attempting to follow a trend, and we’re also surprised that a band from Italy are singing in the typical American twang that is most associated with this genre.

It’s not a bad EP by any means, but it is quite an average one. If you do like pop-punk music (and especially the modern strand of it) then there’s a good chance you might like this, but if you’re looking for something more exciting then perhaps you would be best looking elsewhere.