The Room in the Wood – The Mars EP

The Mars EP is a newly released EP from The Room in the Wood, and as you might expect from an EP with that title, it is quite a spacey record. There’s a lonely and eerie feel to the tracks contained within it, which would feel perfect for trekking across the red planet.

By Jane Howkins

It’s a bluesy EP, with the tracks all having a similar feel and sound to them. The main instrument of show is the electric guitar, with something of a 70s rock vibe about it all. There’s also something very psychedelic about it all, and it seems like good music to get stoned to, if you were so inclined. Of course, there is enough here to enjoy without the use of recreational drugs, and these are the sort of tracks that work well when listened to over and over. New things emerge upon each listen, with a lot more hidden underneath the music than first meets the ear.

The guitar riffs are the main source of wonder here, with some experimental patterns and time signatures present generally sound fantastic. Our only gripe is the baritone style of vocals don’t really seem to fit the music, and they’re not always in tune. The music is still great regardless, but we did find this a little distracting if we’re being totally honest. The production also sounds a little muddy at times, but this isn’t really as off-putting as the vocals.

This is a good EP marred by less than good vocals. It’s a shame really, as there is lots here to like, and we really liked the space cowboy theme that the track has. Perhaps a little more practice and a bit of a better production quality can bring these guys up to speed on their next release!