My Wonderful Daze – The Fulford Arms

Photos & review by Martin Frank.

Opening the night was Sundress, a gloriously understated fledgling band who squeezed their own songs out to an eager audience willing to see what they had to give us. The lead singer was charming and comfortable on stage, and not many bands would thrash out a crowd pleasing, head shaking bouncing up and down kind of a tune and finish it by saying that they hadn’t got around to writing the words. However, teen lyrics and tracks without words suggested that Sundress are a little unfinished. They are on their first foot, tentatively taking steps but not yet sure what direction to go in. We will be interested to see what develops later.

Next up were Parker Lee, a guitar led four-piece from York that raised the tempo a little with some carefully constructed songs. However, the intricacy was lost a little in the Fulford Arms. These guys are interesting, skilled and clearly enjoy their music, but they need to release the beast inside them a little more and and not get lost in the post-grunge American sounding guitar bands that have flooded the market.

Then it was time for the main event – My Wonderful Daze. Chloe, the lead singer and image of the band was dressed in black with red hair, making her look like a perfect rock princess looking for a crown. Their songs are catchy, hard, strong and powerful, with genuine moments of pathos and beauty – here stands a band on the brink and they know it. Filled with confidence they play to their gathered friends performing well practised songs with ease, when what they really need is a bigger venue, a promoter and a break. I have no doubt that little Chloe standing there on stage performing her heart is on her way to being one of the great female rock stars, if given the chance.

The crowd were hungry for everything they can give, joining in with the chorus to all the tracks, because they’ve been there as the band have grown and are now reaping the benefits. The band is extremely viewable and are very skilled in their music and their performance. You had better see them now and remember where you saw them first, before they get too big!