Blancmange – The Wardrobe

Blancmange’s latest tour to accompany their latest CD Wanderlust included a gig at Leeds’ The Wardrobe. This is an intimate venue blessed with excellent sound and acoustics, all of which do make a big difference to the quality of any show.

By Bob Acrey

The gig was very much centred around Wanderlust and included many of the songs on the CD. Songs from the previous CD Unfurnished Rooms also made up a large portion of the gig too.

In Your Room is from the new album and is an extremely catchy number. On first reviewing I suggested it would make a great single release. I’m pleased to say the band did too and it has been released accordingly. Neil Arthur said after singing the track that it was the new single, but he had neglected to mention this at any of the previous gigs! Neil was in a playful mood with the audience all the way through the concert with some witty and off-the-wall asides relating to the songs, as well as random topics such as pot holing.

Other songs from the album included I Smashed Your Phone, which has a chorus that name checks Arthur C Clarke and the first smashing by an ape using a bone from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Talking to Machines captures the frustration of wanting to speak to humans and not being successful.

The chorus of Not a Priority is as catchy as In Your Room, was very well received judging by how people danced along to it. Blancmange have been around on and off for a while now and dipped into their back catalogue later on with Living on the Ceiling and then Waves in the encore.

For the most part this was a great gig. Whilst appreciating it was very much a showcase for Wanderlust, I’m still in mild shock that Don’t Tell Me wasn’t sung. There was certainly no howling wind or moonlit stars that night that would have stopped it from being played.