York Calling’s 2018

2018 was the year of discovery for us, having got our ears around more new music than ever before. While we were exploring the further shores of international music, we also kept it close to home, champions local music and arts as well as sitting down with some living legends.

By Graeme Smith

Are you local?

It’s fair to say we’ve branched out this year, but we started 2018 with our mission to very much champion York and elevate its place on the world stage. We kicked off the year with our Ones to Watch, part one and part two.

The Receivers 8_GS
The Receivers at The Fulford Arms for our Sub-cultural Exchange show – photo by Graeme Smith

We kept working with some of the artists throughout the year, particularly The Receivers, who headlined our Sub-cultural Exchange show that we co-hosted with Nottingham’s I’m Not From London, and The Howl and The Hum, who really didn’t need much help from us, they’re talent and appeal being self-evident.

World of Discovery

In 2018 we launched are “Discovery” blog, aimed at digging out the most exciting music from around the world. Suffice to say, it did not disappoint, proving hugely popular and elevating York Calling to the status of international music blog. Through these posts we discovered the likes of Handmade Moments, Alexandra Veltri, Aria Hennessy, Raven Bro, and Juliana Strangelove. We also got a chance to listen to Ivo Dimchev months before his infamous appearance on the X-factor.

Discover these artists yourself through the playlist below.

Living Legends

Last but not least, we love to take the opportunity to catch some legendary musicians live and loud, or even pose them a few questions about their long and interesting careers. On the stage this year, we covered punk legends The Damned at Leeds O2 Academy as well as Kurt Cobain’s favourite band Shonen Knife at Fibbers.

Shonen Knife at Fibbers – photo by Andy Argyle
The Damned-14
The Damned at Leeds O2 Academy – photo by Chris Mackins

However, our most popular blog post by some way was our interview with Steve Grantley from Stiff Little Fingers in which we learned about their 40th anniversary tour and their little known love for Abba.


2018 was our biggest year yet so I’m looking forward to doing it all again next year. I hope you are too. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit York Calling over the past five years. Next year expect more of the same and more!