Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs head to Wakefield in March

Progressive Gears presents Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs plus support from Apostles of Chaos, I.T, Quiet Wish and Oceanica.

Zal is the Ex-SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND / NAZARETH guitarist, and is pretty much the template for A-list rock guitarists the world over. This ain’t no heritage ‘once more for old times sake’ trip.

ZAL CLEMINSON’S SIN DOGS are HIGH OCTANE ROCK and, yes, this guy is still scary as all hell.

Zal Cleminson wrote the book on licks and style, on substance and he’s the Glaswegian dogs bollocks when it comes to those trademarks riffs and wringing a guitar’s neck. He can write a decent tune or two, and deliver them authentically as well.

In a rather interesting twist, Zal has selected a few musicians for his band who are part of a Sensational Alex Harvey tribute, The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience.

Support comes from Progressive Gear’s roster of talent in Apostles of Chaos, I.T, Quiet Wish and Oceanica. See the gig at Warehouse23 in Wakefield on March 30th.