Robert Fuller – Interview

Artist Robet Fuller recently displayed an exhibition at Pocklington Arts Centre, so to celebrate we decided that it would be good to have a chat with him to find out more about it. Check out our findings below:

By Jane Howkins

How was 2018 been for you? Any highlights?

2018 was a great year. I’ve had some fantastic wildlife sightings; among the best of them was seeing an eagle owl in North Yorkshire – these huge birds are so formidable they’ve been known to take foxes – and watching a rare flock of hawfinches at the Yorkshire Arboretum. It was quite incredible to see them here in Yorkshire: they have these huge, oversized beaks that are the avian equivalent to firemen’s hydraulic cutters and can shear open a damson seed in seconds!

Do you have anything particularly interesting coming up in 2019?

2019 is looking like it is going to be a very exciting year. I’m going to be in a major new documentary on TV. I’m not allowed to give anything away yet. All I can say is watch this space!

You’re currently displaying your work at Pocklington Arts Centre. How has the reception been so far?

People seem to have really loved it! It’s a great place to show my work because it attracts such a wide range of people.

What can you tell us about the exhibition?

The exhibition includes a broad range of my artwork and is part of a celebration of my 20th anniversary of painting the wildlife of the Yorkshire Wolds. It includes a retrospective of the best of my limited edition prints as well as art gifts featuring paintings of the animals and birds I have painted on my doorstep over the years.

Why did you decide to display at PAC? Is it a venue you have displayed at before?

This is now the second time I have displayed my work at the PAC and it has proved to be just as popular an event as it was the first time!

Your work is usually based around wildlife art. What is it that appeals to you so much about that kind of art?

Wildlife is my passion. I grew up on a farm at Givendale and spent most of my time outdoors watching the wild creatures about me. I felt compelled to record everything I saw as accurately as possible.

Do you have any plans for any future exhibitions this year?

Yes I will be holding two new exhibitions at my gallery in Thixendale in June and in November. I’ll be opening my studio so that people can see how I work and can enjoy my photographic and video studies of wildlife. The June exhibition will coincide with the breeding season so visitors will also be able to see into the secret world of birds, weasels and stoats in their nests via live screens linked to more than 50 surveillance cameras in my garden.

You have an art gallery up on the Yorkshire Wolds. Where is it, and what can you tell us about that?

My gallery is situated along a single-track road leading into the stunning Yorkshire Wolds village of Thixendale, just 20 minutes from York. The beautiful scenery here makes the journey well worth the effort. You often see hares loping along the fields and kestrels hovering in the skies above as you drop into the valley. Once inside the gallery, a beamed, former farm building, you can then enjoy original paintings featuring some of the very creatures you’ve just spotted hanging on the walls. There is also a wide range of limited edition prints featuring both British wildlife and animals and birds from my trips abroad. On plinths in the gallery are a selection of my bronze sculptures and throughout there is a range of my art gifts, home ware and greeting cards.

Why do you think people should come and see your exhibition and what can people expect from it?

The PAC exhibition features my most popular fine art prints and giftware. It is a good introduction to my work if you have never seen it before. The limited edition prints on show span 20 years of painting wildlife here on the Yorkshire Wolds and includes paintings of some of my favourite animals and birds.

Any last words for the fans?

I love it when my paintings or my videos inspire people to go out and enjoy the natural world so my last words to a fan would be: Make 2019 the year you see more wildlife!