Review: Kip LaVie – This Creator

Kip LaVie is an experimental producer from Portland, Oregon who creates tracks that are as challenging as they are accessible. We run the rule over his recently released new album This Creator.

By Graeme Smith

When is jazz not jazz? When it’s put through the filter of Kip LaVie. While there are a lot of jazzy elements to album opener Creation Dance, it doesn’t feel lost in nostalgia. Rather, it’s almost futuristic in its fusion of styles and layers of different influences. You could imagine yourself doing the samba to it, or equally just throwing your limbs about however you feel.

And that’s the theme of This Creator it seems. Come at it however you want and take away what you like. There is lots to like. Touch is a more chilled offering, an end-of-the-night sort of track but no more complex. There are elements of classical to be found here, alongside video game music. Song Aquatic has a similar vibe. As the name suggests, it transports you underwater with some easy snare and xylophone. You can do a lot with percussion it seems.

Kip LaVie really is creating something original with his music. If I had to make a comparison, there is a touch of Robert Miles’s collaboration with Trilok Gurtu in This Creator. It’s a similar interplay between traditional musical styles and the electronic. I always thinks its great when someone can push the boundaries of music yet stay pleasing to the ear and This Creator has done that.

You can check it out below.