Bring Me The Horizon – Amo

Here we find the latest album from this Sheffield based rock band, and here is a band that belong to the whole world because their music transcends language, country and the rock genre. Their sound is filled with great guitars but that’s where the rock ends, as lead singer Oliver Sykes has a voice that lends itself to be anything that he wants it to be.

By Martin Frank

These guys are brave – they can rock with the best of the them, but they’re also brave enough to produce an incredible sequence of tracks to mystify and delight. Teaming up with Lee Malia, Matt Kean, Matt Nicholls and Jordan Fish, there is nothing that these guys can’t do. This album mixes rock with r’n’b like Linkin’ Park did with rock and rap on Hybrid Theory. This is nothing better than pure genius and there is no wonder that this has hit the charts at number one – it has everything for everyone that likes their music hard and full of energy.

Starting with gentle electronica, Sykes sings like a singer in an extremely modern way. Mantra erupts barely before the first track ends and we love it, featuring power chords and hard music with a dance beat to keep up the tempo. This is pure head banging joy for all. Wonderful Life is blues rock with rifts and screams giving me the chills because I know that this will destroy the crowd when played live.

These guys are rock anymore than they’re dance, these are musicians playing music they enjoy for an audience who has equally varied tastes. Very few people these days listen to one kind of music exclusively because we have so much available to us. Here is the most perfect example of an album of great music that is more like a favourite playlist than a single album – put simply, it’s genius.

There can be no doubt that this album is going to be a monstrous hit because we all like to shake our stuff to good music and this album is stuffed to the brim with amazing tracks. It’s not as raw as I usually like my rock and it’s manufactured for sure, and heavily produced to within an inch of its life. But what’s so wrong with improvement? You can make weapons out of raw iron that are hard and mean but by adding just the right elements in just the right way you can turn raw iron into tempered steel and these guys are from the city of steel. Their rock music is tough, hard and shiny, making it a product that everyone is going to want.