Puppy – The Goat

Puppy are a white-hot metal band from London, a trio home-grown and formed in 2015. These friends have created for us their debut album that will both shake the tree of rock and edge into the charts, with their unique music making them sound commercial, cool and powerful. The blend of tracks soon grew on us, becoming as comfortable as any favourite worn out t-shirt. The band blast into action with heavy slamming chords while lead singer Jock Norton eases in with gentle easy lyrics – the two appear to be completely different sounds and yet here Puppy make them work.

By Martin Frank

Jock sings out clear as a bell as the music behind him screams and blasts its’s way around the words without dominating them – this is clever. I am left wanting to shake my head and mosh and stand and sing along at the same time, messing with my head. Poor Me slams in with a classic rock cow bell start, with the song being an anthem as timeless as anything we’ve heard before – it’s up there with great American rock gods. This album is a master class in mixing the best of good old-fashioned eighties rock with the heart and gore of Metallica. Just Like You is a truly great rock track with the finest rolling scales and thumping beats and a great end.

Our favourite, Entombed, has an entrance Royal Blood would be proud of, and Jock’s easy vocals make this sound and feel like an anthem for a messiah – it’s epic and powerful. Boxers will want to walk out to this with their gloved hands thrown in the air to a crowd of fans. This is a debut album of such finesse and care – they’ve not thrown everything at this because they don’t know what to do in a desperate attempt at showing the world they can play. No this is perfection, cleverly created, written, played and produced fully knowing what their audience want and we are left wanting more.

World Stands Still is a stadium track, feeling eighties and American, and I just can’t get my head around how these three from London have managed to produce such an American feeling album, with touches of Bon Jovi, Kiss and dozens of others presented within. Puppy are on the road to big things – really big things – and once the Americans hear them, they’ll be truly rockin. Then just when you are smiling and singing along the album kicks you in the teeth with the awesome Bathe in Blood, with racing guitars introducing us to another glorious track that makes you want to raise your hands and sing along, jumping and spinning around when the guitars dance.

If you like new rock with a classic old sound in a modern way you can do no better than Puppy, but don’t be fooled by their name, these guys are rottweilers.