Peter Doherty and The Puta Madres – Fibbers

The expectation was as high as Peter Doherty used to be, and Fibbers was packed to the rafters with so many wanting to see this hero from a recent age to see if he was still as good as he used to be. Peter came on stage to a riot of screams, introducing London based guitarist Marc Eden, who’s style was filled with seventies fashion complete with gaucho moustache, big soft hat and a string of catchy great tunes, including some classy Aladdin Sane which made the small stage his own.

By Martin Frank

The main event was of course Peter Doherty, massively understated he strolled casually onto the stage to cries of “Pete, Pete, Pete!” Hitting forty this year with a hint of grey in his hair, he looks unassuming and a little shy, except that he’s Peter Doherty and has a true presence that commands a quiet respect. Without acknowledging the audience his band started typically playing Pete songs and he crooned along as only he can, still looking like next door’s naughty boy who just wants to play music – we guess that’s his charm. Sure he’s been wild, but that just adds to his myth and his danger, and everyone likes a bit of danger!

They played a range of tracks, with a few new ones from his pending album, before going straight into great songs like Hell to Pay at the Gates of Heaven from his last album Hamburg Demonstrations, and everyone hung on every one of Peter’s words. He teased the crowd then with a toned-down version of Don’t Look Back into the Sun, and we see a glimpse of what used to be, but this tour isn’t an attempt at chasing the glories of the Libertines days but a respectful nod to a moment in time that we all shared, as well as a look to future sounds.

This gig was just what I’d hoped it would be – great music first and a feeling of respect for the fans that have kept supporting this legend. He is our legend, because every generation is filled with true icons and Pete because we’ll always call him Pete, is not just our hero, but our anti-hero. Then, after a good hour, it was over. Well, apart from the eagerly anticipated encore complete with a local girl on stage with Pete who proposed to her boyfriend to cheers from the audience with phones filming and snapping photos.

The now topless Peter could only do one thing and the classic For Lovers rang out with the whole room joining in, creating a never to be forgotten moment in time. As a thank you he kicked up the pace with a few old Libertines tracks to make the room bounce and shake and just as we all hoped. This soon became one of those classic gigs that we were privileged to have attended. This mini-tour to a handful of small venues is a sweet musical nectar to those who can get tickets. There are more to come and we can’t wait. Pete Doherty, the man and the legend, is here to stay and his show is a must see for anyone who loves their music live.