Vinyl Eddie Label Launch at Fibbers

York’s music scene expands ever further with the launch of a brand new indie record label.

By Mark Wright

The evening of bank holiday Sunday saw the launch of York’s newest record label, Vinyl Eddie. Music for the night was provided by Fear and Loathing, The Vedettes, The Receivers and Violet Contours with the last two bands filling the headline slots. Musically, the sounds of the night were rooted in indie and alternative rock, although this is not to say that there was not diversity in the sounds of the night. Music swayed from the lighter and floatier sounding Fear and Loathing to the more alternative or punky sounds of The Vedettes even within the first two acts.

Fibbers seemed the perfect venue for this kind of an event; not only is it a great space for live music in general, but its entire feeling and vibe fits nicely with the guitar-centric music on show. The night started out a little quieter, but within half an hour the dancefloor was nicely filling up with people of all ages; students, locals and older adults alike all enjoying the music. It was a truly heartening to see York embracing its vibrant and often overlooked live music scene.

I made a point to go speak with the founder of the label, Eddie Parkinson, and his father over a beer before the night got too busy. The Vinyl Eddie label was set up to promote and support young bands in York, particularly in difficult financial aspects such as finding money to produce vinyl records. Fundamentally, the aim of the label is to create a central hub of those in the music industry who can offer services for young bands such as mixing, mastering and promotion, which can be hard to come by. Crucially, all bands signed to the Vinyl Eddie label still control their own intellectual property, allowing freedom to make their own money while the label serves as a staging point from which to go on to bigger and bigger things.

For anyone who is interested in supporting their local music scene, I strongly suggest tracking down bands on this label or heading down to the Vinyl Eddie record shop on Tadcaster Road near the Knavesmire.