Video: Desert Magic – A Restless Wind

At first glance, Grammy award-winning artist Alex Wand’s project Desert Magic may seem like a badly-constructed school project but it soon becomes apparent that it takes great talent to pull off something like this.

By Graeme Smith

The video for A Restless Wind features a seaside dancer with Alex and his band super-imposed with some rough-looking green screen. Musically, is a sparse landscape, with a Casio-keyboard beat and synths which build suddenly into a full arrangement after the first chorus. It’s then that Desert Magic’s intentions become clear. This is good songwriting absent of pretension.

Desert Magic are a collective built around themes of nature, cosmos and mysticism but there’s just a hint of tongue-in-cheekism about it. Either way they produce highly enjoyable music and definitely something a bit different. Check out the video for A Restless Wind below.