Preview: The Atticus McLaren Mysteries

Sometimes finding the answer takes a different way of thinking. Atticus McLaren likes a quiet life. He works as a museum technician in York, lives in a converted garden shed, likes photography, gardening, and dogs, and is autistic. His peaceful life is turned upside down, though, when strange things begin to happen at his museum. At first, no one thinks much of it, and the police chalk it up to a prank, but when a body is found at the museum, they have no choice but to believe what Atticus has been telling them.

Murder At The Museum is the first of The Atticus McLaren Mysteries, a film by writer-director Spring Horton set in York and starring local actor Thomas Jennings as the eponymous hero.

Spring explains: ‘While studying for a theatre directing degree in London, I’d
met a few people in the business, and after contacting an actor friend about it, they said,
“Why don’t you just come to York and we’ll make it ourselves?” And so, The Atticus
McLaren Mysteries, the film series, was born.”

The first in The Atticus McLaren series was shot in York and the surrounding
area in February. It’s available to rent and buy now via Vimeo.