Jorvik Radio Launches Kickstarter

Jorvik Radio has big plans to be the premiere community radio station in York. We’ve worked closely with the project for some time now and it’s exciting to see their two year journey coming close to fruition with a Kickstarter campaign to help the station launch.

By Graeme Smith

I was first introduced to Jorvik Radio when I shared a pint with Head of Programming Rudie. He sold me on the idea, a radio station for the people of York by the people of York. Since then Rudie and the team at Jorvik have been working hard to make the station a reality and are now aiming for a launch date of November this year.

Over the past few days they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get them over the line. Their goal is the raise £5,000 of which they have already raised over £1,000 in pledges. It’s an impressive start to the campaign and proof that there is an audience out there wanting Jorvik Radio to be a reality.

With an Ofcom license granted, a studio space secured and a diverse list of presenters on board they’ve already come a long way. Experiencing some of the journey firsthand I can testify to how exciting the project is.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until 25 August on an all or nothing basis meaning pledgers can be assured that if the campaign doesn’t reach its target then they won’t pay out any money. Pledgers will get perks from their pledge ranging from a “shout-out” on air for £5 to having the studio named after them for donating the full £5,000.

You can be part of this exciting project and donate to the cause via Kickstarter or find out more about Jorvik Radio on their website or follow their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.