Y Not Festival 2019

We’ve been going down to Y Not Festival for a few years now, with varying results. The festival always seems to have a bad run of it with the weather, with the organisers often not being prepared for it. Last year was a vast improvement, however in 2019 it seems that things sadly took a step backwards.

By Jane Howkins and Shelley Beeston

The music itself was fantastic, however organisational issues plagued the festival, and we didn’t attend on the Sunday due to a lot of the stages being shut for a while and a fear of getting our car stuck in the mud. Other festivals like Download cope with a lot more rain and mud, so Y Not should be able to as well.

The first act we saw on the Friday was Gerry Cinnamon, who drew one of the biggest crowds of the weekend. His mixture of folk, indie and pop will fare him well, and we see big things in his future. The Blinders were up next, with their raucous punk rock stylings not being for everybody. They’re an up and coming band (Y Not is the festival to be at for up and coming bands) and they put on a great show, with a raw energy exhuding from the performance that wasn’t easily matched.

Skinny Lister were the next band on the list, and we managed to get right to the front of the barrier for them! We’ve been a fan for ages, and it was great to be able to see them again, especially in such a small tent. The whole band were on top form and likely won over a lot of new fans, which we reckon is fantastic news! We had to cut their set slightly short to go and see Franz Ferdinand, who were probably our favourite act of the weekend. We’ve been fans for ages and whilst their stature hasn’t been as great in recent years, there was a massive crowd there to see them, and almost every song resulted in a huge singalong.

Elbow were a little bit of a let down after that – they’re not a bad band by any means, but we find their music to be a little generic, and there was nothing too exciting about their stage show. A shame really, as Franz Ferdinand really should have headlined the evening.

There was promise of some kind of music quiz on the Saturday afternoon, but it seemed to have been cancelled, so that was a little disappointing, along with the horrendous weather. We were soon woken up by Idles though, with their shouty punk angst being a perfect wake up call. Next up were The Big Moon,  a band that we’ve loved for ages but who still seem to be fairly unknown. Their music is harder than they look, and whilst their crowd was small at first, it soon grew as onlookers wandered over to check out their wonderful sound. The band even helped a man propose to his girlfriend, which was one of the highlights of the weekend!

We headed over to the comedy tent next to see Phill Jupitus – the tent wasn’t really big enough and there were a lot of queues, but when we finally got inside it was worth it. He told some hilarious poems and jokes and had the audience eating right out of his hand. We managed to catch the very last moments of Wretch 32, before spending the next few hours in the dance tent, with it being classic rock hour. Playing Slayer’s Raining Blood as the first track was one way to get rid of all the kids from the tent!

We saw the last bit of You Me At Six’s set (and found ourselves wishing we had seen more of it), before heading down to see Professor Green. Whilst not really our style of music we thought that he was a good performer, however the audience he attracted weren’t so great, with them being noticeably the most obnoxious crowd of the weekend that we saw. We headed out early to see The Damned, who were rather late on stage. That didn’t deter them though, as they still plowed through their entire set, not caring about the curfew. They were slightly sloppy at first but they soon improved – not bad considering the age of the band!

All in all, we did have a good weekend – we just wish that next time the organisers would sort out their past mistakes and really make it a fantastic weekend!