Interview: Black Income

We recently had the opportunity to chat to a bunch of bands from the Rogue PR label. Our latest one was with Danish rock band Black Income where we found about their new album, influences and the importance of a heavy riff.

Interview by Jane Howkins

How is 2019 treating you so far?
Very good we would say with our New album unSOUND out on [23 August], we got really nice feedback, we have been added to nearly 100 radio stations worldwide, and we get a lot of coverage from Magazines and blogs on the internet. It’s hard work but we’re humble that so many people takes the time to talk to us.

Are you working on any more new music? What are you working on, and when will it be released?
At the moment we work a lot with promotion, and later we play a release show in Denmark. After that we enter the studio again, to start recording album 3.

Have you got any upcoming tours planned? If so, where are you playing and where are you looking forward to going most?
We have a tour for 2020 in the pipeline, but it’s still to early to say anything about that…

Who/what has influenced you the most as musicians?
We have a lot of influences but we love the ’90s scene, and we listen a lot to the new more punk and stoner bands. Whenever we feel something in the music, that’s the way we go. We love to listen to Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age and Fumanchu etc.

What have you been listening to recently that you can recommend to our readers?
Have been listening a lot to the stoner band All Them Witches, very cool band, you should check it out.

Why do you think people should pick up one of your records or come and see you live, and what can people expect from one of your shows?
If you’re into heavy riffs with melodic songwriting, you should check us out and check us out live. If you’re into a energetic rock and metal concerts, you should come bang you head.

Any last words for the fans?
Make sure to check out our new album and our video Loaded Gun out August 23.