Local Author Kickstarts Kids Book About Being in a Band

Ballistic Kids is an illustrated rhyming children’s book which introduces young readers to the amazing experience of playing in a rock ‘n’ roll band. Created by a team of musicians and based on their personal experiences, the book shines a light on the far-reaching (and well evidenced) social, academic and health benefits for children of learning to play music, as well as its power to unify people of all shapes and sizes. The book is being published to inspire children at a young age to pick up an instrument, start learning and form a band with their friends.

The story of Ballistic Kids follows Scott and Matt, childhood outsiders from the small, sleepy village of Hilltop, who dream of rock ‘n’ roll stardom. When a new girl arrives at their school, her musical abilities and can-do attitude inspire the young boys to make their dream a reality and they quickly join forces with class-mates Thom and Su to form a band.

Their noisy rehearsals are soon upsetting local residents, but the youngsters keep on rocking, channelling all their energy and creativity into pursuing their dream. Eager to prove themselves and show the world what they can do, they decide to enter the Summer Spectacular School Talent Show. Will their debut performance be the disaster that everyone expects, or will all their hard work and dedication pay off?

Author, Thom Craigen explains the lessons he hopes children will take from the book:

“Essentially, it’s about music being a unifying force, bringing people together. It’s also about not giving up when people say you’re not capable of achieving something, choosing to work hard and persevere until you get where you want to be. For anyone who thinks they want to play, but are not sure how to begin, it’s about realising that all you need to get started is three chords and attitude… Diving straight in and getting on with it is an awesome and fun way to learn!”

The 48-page book is written by Thom Craigen and illustrated in full colour by Matt Riste, whose artwork style evokes classic children’s books such as “Where the Wild Things Are”. The story is also accompanied by a mini-album of catchy rock ‘n’ roll songs by the young band in the book. Written by Scott Lee Andrews, the soundtrack adds an extra dimension to the story’s universe and helps to bring the characters to life.

The 30-day Kickstarter campaign for Ballistic Kids launches today, Friday 4th October 2019, chosen to coincide with the fourth annual “Kids Music Day” when schools, retailers, and other music organisations around the world work together to focus attention on the importance of including music as part of children’s education and to enable people of all ages to enjoy the academic, social, and therapeutic benefits of playing music.

Anyone can pre-order the book and soundtrack by becoming a backer of the Kickstarter funding campaign. There will also be a range of other limited-edition rewards for those who want something a little more unique, including the opportunity to appear as a character in the book – and a baby-shower gift set for expectant parents – complete with a lullaby version of the soundtrack and a branded Ballistic Kids rock ‘n’ roll baby-grow! Funds raised through the campaign will be used to print and distribute the first edition of the book to backers of the project.