Video: Aunty Social – Crack A Deal

I was blow away by Canadian bedroom-pop artist Aunty Social when I first heard her track Travelling Circus. She’s now followed that up with a new video, Crack A Deal.

By Graeme Smith

Crack A Deal is instantly recognisable as an Aunty Social track, the same kind of quirky waltz as Travelling Circus. The vocals carry the same juxtaposition of edge and laid-back-ness. Crack A Deal is a song filled with righteous female anger and it’s reflected in the video, a play on the Stepford Wife universe where outward perfection masks sinister undertones.

Daniela Gitto, the artist behind Aunty Social, has said she uses music as a form of therapy and it’s evident in Crack A Deal. If the byproduct of her process is music as good as this, then we all benefit. Check out the video for Crack A Deal below.